We are a well established company that has been manufacturing for over 2 years, supplying a wide range of customers with any quantity of pallets, crates & boxes. Our regular customer base covers a wide range of domestic & export manufacturers and retail outlets. We operate from a site in Atchutapuram, a short distance from the Visakhapatnam, also close to APSEZ main gate.


Our aim is to manufacture and supply the highest quality pallets, crates & boxes at prices which are clearly affordable to all of our customers. We pursue excellence in all areas of our business in our manufacturing process, in our products and in our service. It is our intention to achieve this by offering:


• Products that meet all standard requirements
• Competitive prices
• First class customer service
• Complete deliveries on time


We strive to achieve the optimum recycling performance for the customer, ourselves and the environment.


Customers are at the heart of our business and we are committed to continually review and improve processes, products and services, to meet and exceed customer’s expectations.