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Protective Sleeves

Our Protective Sleeve is Strong, Flexible, Durable & Light Weight and can easily slip through and fit on any odd shape.


• Automotive parts & components
• Tools &dies
• Powder coated material
• Laboratory glass apparatus
• Instrument gauges & machine spares
• Gas cylinders & fire extinguishers
• Cutting tools
• Sanitary wares
• Liquor bottles
• Furniture & fixtures
• Pumps & valves
• Highly precission parts
• Printing cylinders
• Air / Gas filters


• Professional look
• Color coding
• Convenient to use
• Reduces labour cost
• Won’t slip in transit or handling
• Protects corner and edges
• Less storage places & inventory
• Reduce damage claim & return
• Can be applied & removed easily on odd shape parts also


Tubular Packaging Nets

Today's concept of buying any product whether it cost a rupee or a thousand, an attractive packed product is highly accepted. Packing should be neat and decent, easy to handle, disposable, light but tough, attractive, etc. but at an affordable price.


To meet all these above mentioned and many other requirements, We have tied-up with good manufactures of packaging products, with all India marketing network, has come in the market to pack and protect your valuable products. TUBULAR PACKAGING NETS manufactured from very selected FDA approved grades of polymers and colorants.

TUBULAR PACKAGING NETS have following major advantages compared to other types of packaging

• See through.
• Light but tough.
• In colors pleasing to the eye
• Disposable
• Ideal for packing fruits and vegetables
• Available in bag form and in rolls

• Flexible to take the shape of packing material.
• Usable in deep-freeze and refrigerator
• Made from FDA approved grades of polymers and colorants
• Ideal for packing toys and confectioneries, sanitary items.
• Infinite applications.
• Ex-stock availability.